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Second Penang Bridge

Project: Second Penang Bridge
Presently : April 2010
Constructed by : China Harbour Engineering Co (CHEC) with the cooperation of United Engineers Malaysia (UEM Construction Sdn Bhd)

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The Second Penang Bridge is a massive bridge presently (April 2010) under construction in the South Channel of Penang. As its name suggests, this will be the second crossing between the island and the mainland after the first Penang Bridge completed in 1985. The new bridge, when completed, will be 24 kilometers in length, much longer than the first. In fact, it will be the longest bridge in Malaysia and Southeast Asia.

 Second Penang Bridge taking shape (29 April, 2010)

The Second Penang Bridge is being constructed by the China Harbour Engineering Co (CHEC) with the cooperation of United Engineers Malaysia (UEM Construction Sdn Bhd), a 100% subsidiary of Khazanah National, the investment holding arm of the Federal Government under the Ministry of Finance. The cost of the Second Penang Bridge is expected to be in the region of RM3 to RM5 billion (a ball park figure of RM4.3 billion has been tossed around), with funds largely coming from a loan by the People's Republic of China. On 27 April 2010, the managing director of Jambatan Kedua Sdn Bhd, Datuk Professor Ismail Mohd Taib said that they expect the cost of the second bridge to be less than the RM4.5 billion.

Off-shore jetties built by the CHEC for constructing the bridge (29 April, 2010)
Plans for the construction of the Second Penang Bridge was unveiled in August 2006 as part of the 9th Malaysia Plan. A groundbreaking ceremony was performed by the then prime minister Abdullah Ahmad Badawi on 12 November, 2006. Thereafter CHEC and UEM performed soil studies and test piling works.

Actual construction of the Second Penang Bridge began on 8 November 2008. The bridge is targeted to be completed and open to traffic by November, 2013. As of April 2010, 24% of the work involving the substructures and foundations have been completed.

Like the first Penang Bridge, it will have a cable stayed mid span of 250 meters and a clearance of 30 meters above the sea to allow ships of moderate size to pass underneath. The bridge will connect Batu Maung on Penang Island with Batu Kawan in the mainland.

The Second Penang Bridge will have an overall length of 24 km, of which 17 km will be across the channel. Assuming a speed 70 km per hour, a vehicle will take at least 21 minutes to cover the 24 km or 15 minutes for the 17 km across the sea. 

Second Penang Bridge Interchanges

The Second Penang Bridge is designated E22 on the Malaysian expressway network. It will be linked to the North-South Expressway Northern Route with a new Batu Kawan Interchange. The Batu Kawan-NSE Interchange will be Exit 157 from the North-South Expressway and Exit 2201 on the Second Penang Bridge. A new Batu Kawan Toll Plaza will also be construction on the approach from the interchange towards the bridge.

There will also be an interchange for the people in Batu Kawan to reach the Penang Bridge. The Batu Kawan Interchange (Exit 2202) connects from Batu Kawan. To cater for the expected increase in traffic passing through the Butterworth-Perai area, the Juru-Sungai Dua Bypass is also being planned.

On the island side, there will be Exits 2203, 2204, 2205 and 2206. Exit 2203 (Teluk Tempoyak Interchange) is an on/off ramp from the bridge to Teluk Tempoyak. Exit 2204 (Batu Maung Interchange) links the start of the Batu Maung Expressway to the bridge, comprising the bridge (E22), Bayan Lepas Expressway (Route 3113), Jalan Batu Maung (P10). 
Location Map of the Second Penang Bridge

The map below provides an idea of the location of the Second Penang Bridge and the interchanges that have been planned for it. The information may be modified as the construction progresses.

Lets see a glimpse of the progress so far;

 Piers of Second Penang Bridge (9 April 2011)

Construction work on Second Penang Bridge (9 April 2011)

The Second Bridge is in the horizon, literally (9 April 2011)

Second Penang Bridge marker (9 April 2011)

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